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April showers and  may flowers.


Whether you celebrate Hanukah or Easter, spring is our time for renewal. Enjoy the first fresh vegetables of the season,ejy the first spring feasts.


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All the World's a Platter - by Angshuman Das 
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An Introduction to Indian Food and Cooking click to read

The Cooking of Kashmir - by Rinku Battacharya  click to read

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How to Make Cupcakes - Tips for the Baker learn how
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Cupcake Special: How to Make a Decorated Zombie Cupcake       
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New Orleans & Louisiana Cooking - Cajun and Creole:
How to Make Gumbo, Glorious Gumbo click here
Louisiana Shrimp & Andouille over Grits - with article by John Besh  click here

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar -  The Elixir of Love click here
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   Cranberries - Nutrition, How to Handle, History, "The Sopranos" and recipes click here
Mayhem, Memory, Movie Stars - The History of the Artichoke and
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One Good Thing -Changing the World, One Action at a Time

Meatballs, Meatballs, Meatballs
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A Good Knife:

 Authentic Puerto Rican Pasteles click here

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Should we or should we not take vitamins? click here
All about Vitamin A (first in a series) click here
How to Read a Food Label introduction

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In every region of the globe, in every home, women have established traditional dishes, and have handed down heirloom recipes. With nurture as their only goal, and love their only motivation, our mothers changed local foodstuffs into the great cuisines of the world. They ground grain and made it blossom into bread. They gathered beans and created soups and salads. Flour and sugar became artistic and elegant desserts. It is no surprise that we call these recipes comfort foods.

Preserve and record your heritage. Suggest your mother and your story for these pages - give the gift of memory to one you love. Membership is free. Just send an e-mail . Everything happens over e-mail. Click here:

This site has been created to honor and respect our mothers, and to share their recipes with our members. Browse the site and read stories of growing up, find recipes for comfort food, health food, worldwide dishes that make the mouth water. Send us your story, your memories of home, great food, and your mother. Our recipes are heirloom recipes. They come from our mothers, reflecting our genealogy. They have evolved, as civilization has evolved, reflecting hard times, good times, and the imaginative use of available, seasonal fruits and vegetables. They come from every corner of the globe- Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, the Americas, and all have been developed in a home kitchen. All the recipes have been freely shared. Diana Viola, Editor

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